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Welcome to Aunt Annie's Crafts!

Take a look around. You'll find crafting fun for children, teens and adults. A craft how-to is featured each Monday, with a special craft treat added each Wednesday, and at the end of the week it's Friday Fun with simple crafts for families, groups or classrooms.

Featured this week: Cute additions to your Easter eggs!

  • Easter Egg Holders - Cut out these printable patterns for charming Easter egg holders. This easy craft project requires nothing more than computer paper, scissors and a printer. Use the holders to display your decorated eggs or to liven up plain eggs.

  • Wednesday Treat: Dress up plain plastic Easter eggs with colorful bands!

    This week's Wednesday treat is a set of new Easter Egg Holder patterns with dots in Easter colors. Use them to display plain or decorated eggs. They can also be wrapped around the center of plain plastic eggs filled with Easter candy!

    Come back on Friday for a new Friday Fun craft project!

  • Last Week's Friday Fun: Decorate inside your Easter eggs!

    Peek-a-boo Easter Egg - Learn how to make a magical world inside an Easter egg with real eggshells, cutouts or stickers, and your imagination! Smaller crafters may need help snipping their eggs.

    For more family, classroom or group crafts see the Friday Fun Crafts collection!

Featured last week: Make a special card that's a gift, too!

  • Bookmark Cards - This greeting card tutorial features a design element that is also a gift. See how to create a beautiful and functional bookmark that is the focal point for the card, while learning a simple decorative technique using markers. This tutorial also introduces colored card blanks and tips for using them successfully in your card making.

  • Wednesday Treat: Send a bookmark gift in your Easter greeting card!

    This week's Wednesday treat is a set of Easter Dots ePaper downloads that you can print and use to make Easter versions of  Bookmark Cards. They also coordinate with the Pastel Polka Dot ePapers. Any of these ePapers can be combined with the Easter stickers in the Easter Egg Holders craft project.

  • Prior Week's Friday Fun: How to dye eggs in a food coloring bath!

    Basic Egg Dyeing - Aunt Annie teaches you how to make a dye bath for brightly colored Easter eggs. Dye your eggs a solid color, or marble them for added oomph!

    For more family, classroom or group crafts see the Friday Fun Crafts collection!

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Greeting card tutorials

Greeting card tutorials are a regular feature on Aunt Annie's Crafts. Each tutorial builds on prior card projects. It's like taking a class on making handmade greeting cards.

The second series of greeting card tutorials, Card Class 2, is complete. This month's featured tutorial is Bookmark Cards—featuring a card that is also a gift and how to create your own decorative cardstock with markers! Review all the tutorials in the first Card Class to learn many more techniques for making beautiful cards.


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